Pietro found a new purpose:
to make the Ways accessible to everybody.

A ruota libera (Freewheel) is about his journey along the Via Francigena, through a creative use of new media.
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Cross Media Project on the Way of the via Francigena
Written and created by Marco Neri

A ruota libera is a cross-media project. Various communication techniques contribute to its creation:
from web-story telling to augmented reality.

The idea is to show - in a completely new way - the journey of a disabled person, Pietro Scidurlo, along the Via Francigena.
Our project revolves around an interactive web-doc platform through which we follow Pietro's journey along the Way. The hypertext of the web allows us to activate several applications, audiovisual, graphic and textual materials that tell the story of the territory, its culture and the people who live and cross it.
We will therefore create a real interactive communication network meant to the cultural enhancement of the Via Francigena.

Our story shares Pietro's point of view.

Pietro's journey will cross the Northern Lazio section of the via Francigena, from Acquapendente to Rome. Along with Pietro, we will discover the territory of Lazio Tuscia, its landscapes, its history, its villages and cities.
The narrative of the journey will not be linear but it will be decided by the users according to how they choose to navigate the web-doc, through videos, photos and infographics that compose the framework of this project.
Together with the interactive documentary, we will edit an e-book, a travel journal based on the experience we shared with Pietro along the Way.

The e-book is connected to the web-doc through links that refer to its audiovisual contents. This way, the travel experience will be shared and enjoyed through two different but interactively connected languages. Pietro's pilgrimage along the Way will also be an inner journey for him. Step by step, he will face all the difficulties and efforts the Way entails.
During his journey Pietro will pursue his goal: mapping the Via Francigena to make the way accessible to everybody.
Based on Pietro's fieldwork, we will carry out a mapping and a geolocation of the route. By doing so, it will be possible to indicate the most challenging points along the way and to provide alternative itineraries.

A journey to discover the territory.

Telling Pietro's story means revealing, step by step, the territory he crosses. Art, history, culture and landscape will be our silent travel companions.

We will also give voice to artisans, entrepreneurs, cultural curators, museum directors who live there and every day promote and preserve the culture of their territory.
In order to promote this reality, we created an innovative format: the DOC-SPOT.
The idea comes from the desire to use both digital technology techniques and web communication to reduce the distance between small shops, firms, cultural hotspots (museums, churches, historic buildings) and their visitors. All of this in a format which is brief (5 minutes), immersive and with a strong visual impact. From the platform, via links, you can access the DOC-SPOT.

In addition, we will create a QR-code system and will distribute it to the places we want to promote along the entire route. This way, walkers (as well as other individuals) will be able to learn about museums, shops, hospitality facilities along the Way.